Glenn Vandevoorde Appointed as CEO of Spectricity, Pioneering Multispectral Imaging Technology

Mechelen, Belgium, January 26, 2024 — Spectricity, an innovator in multispectral imaging technology, has appointed Glenn Vandevoorde as its new Chief Executive Officer. In this role, Glenn will spearhead the company's strategic vision, innovation, and global growth.

As a seasoned tech industry leader, Glenn brings with him a wealth of experience and a track record of transformative success. Glenn’s tenure of various CEO roles in start-ups marks his ability to drive technological advancements in the semiconductor industry. In joining Spectricity, Glenn embarks on a new chapter, poised to lead the company's charge in revolutionizing color imaging through its ground-breaking S1 multispectral camera.

“Leading this visionary team, our mission is to reshape the future of imaging technology. Spectricity is primed to redefine industry standards, and I am honored to guide us towards a future where each pixel narrates a richer and more compelling story.”

- Glenn Vandevoorde, Chief Executive Officer, Spectricity

Glenn's appointment underscores a strategic move as Spectricity enters an exciting new phase of scaling innovation into the market across diverse industries and applications.

“As we enter a new phase of scaling innovation, Glenn’s leadership will play a pivotal role in unlocking the full potential of our multispectral imaging technology across diverse industries and applications. This marks an exciting chapter for Spectricity, and we are confident Glenn will lead us to unprecedented success.” 

- Pieter Vorenkamp, Chairman of the Board, Spectricity

Spectricity thanks outgoing CEO Vincent Mouret for his outstanding leadership, directing the company’s research and product development towards this pivotal point of scaling, and releasing its first product into the market.

About Spectricity

Spectricity, a Belgium-based fabless company founded in 2018, stands at the forefront of spectral sensing solutions crafted with advanced CMOS technologies. Fueled by venture capital and an exclusively-licensed patent portfolio from imec, a global leader in nano-electronics and digital technologies, Spectricity pioneers innovations designed for high-volume production and integration into consumer and mobile devices.

With a commitment to sensing beyond the visible, Spectricity's vision is to enhance life through unparalleled spectral information, anytime, anywhere. Its mission revolves around enabling the widespread adoption of spectral imaging by seamlessly integrating miniaturized sensing solutions. Spectricity's disruptive innovations, protected by a comprehensive collection of patents, strive for accessibility and affordability, opening doors to new possibilities in various consumer markets.

See the world in true colors: the first smartphone with multispectral imaging camera makes its global debut at CES

Setting a new benchmark: Spectricity showcases ground-breaking smartphone camera color-matching technology in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, 08-January-2024 - Spectricity, the multispectral imaging solution provider for high-volume and mobile devices, is showcasing its ground-breaking color-matching technology by integrating the first multispectral camera in a smartphone enabling ‘true colors’ on smartphone photos.

  • Spectricity has integrated the first multispectral camera in a smartphone

Most of us have been disappointed for some time with our smartphone’s inability to replicate the colors we see, whether in a less-than-perfect picture of an amazing sunset, a poor skin tone, or a mismatched paint sample in the DIY store. This is because smartphones are, in essence, color-blind. They are unable to measure color accurately, due to faulty automatic white balancing that wrongly estimates the white point. These hopelessly random colors will be a thing of the past thanks to Spectricity's multispectral camera.

  • True colors all the time, more accurate than the naked eye

Spectricity’s crucial breakthrough has been in its revolutionary “S1” multispectral camera which provides the information necessary for accurate color reproduction. It measures the spectrum of light at 16 wavelengths, in every pixel of the camera. This results in a better white point assessment, which in turn delivers true consistent colors. The camera can also assess colors more accurately than the naked eye giving a true color representation of everything from paint to skin tone. This spectral camera ends all guesswork: colors on smartphone photos will now be true to reality.

  • Ready for global breakthrough: this camera can be in any smartphone within 2 years

The delivery of consistent color is an issue recognized and acknowledged in the industry. With photography and camera capability being major drivers for smartphone upgrades, Spectricity’s innovation, which could be in every smartphone within two years, has created a great deal of interest. Currently being tested by almost every major smartphone manufacturer, it is set to have a significant commercial impact on the consumer devices industry.

Its application extends beyond mere aesthetics and far into e-commerce, as the development will allow more accurate assessment of the color of online purchases as well as true skin tone and foundation matching, virtual make-up try-on, accurate lipstick, hair dye matching, and expert advice from your phone.

Furthermore, the application of Spectricity's camera offers far-reaching possibilities in the medical field: for example, online tracking of diseases and providing advice in the area of health and well-being can be improved with it.

Vincent Mouret, CEO of Spectricity, comments: “This camera brings unprecedented color accuracy from laboratory instruments to phones. In most cases, the detected color cannot be distinguished from the true color with the naked eye. Finally, your pictures can be color-consistent, and you can measure and save the true color of objects or skin with your phone. This opens the door to e-commerce for remote personalized cosmetic and retail use cases.

Jonathan Borremans, CTO of Spectricity adds: “Every smartphone vendor confirms the problem and is struggling to solve the issue. Spectricity is in pole position to deliver the technology to solve the issue. By 2026 these spectral cameras are expected to become mainstream in every phone, as predicted by Yole Development."

Yole Development is a leading market research, technology, and strategy analysis company.

About Spectricity

Spectricity was incorporated in 2018 and is backed by international VCs to bring spectral imaging to mobile devices. With 35 employees, Spectricity has offices in Belgium, the USA, Taipei, Shanghai and Malaysia.

The S1 is currently under evaluation by major smartphone makers. EVKs are available for device manufacturers driving large volumes.

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