Our spectral sensors leverage our disrupting technology to meet mobile and consumer device requirements, enabling advanced user-environment interfacing, big data analysis, image fusion, and new applications such as skin health, smart gardening, secure authentication and accurate color photography.

wafer-scale filter technology

Wafer-scale filter technology

Spectricity’s patented wafer-scale hyperspectral filter technology is the fruit of over ten years of R&D, and successful deployment in low-volume production and applications. Unlike other solutions, Spectricity’s filters do not require complex and bulky optics or packaging, slow scanning or sophisticated calibration.

Thanks to our complete CMOS integration, our sensors can be truly miniaturized; following the principles of standard image sensors, optics, packaging, system requirements and supply chains. Our sensors are manufactured at our mass-production CMOS foundry.

Typical RGB image composition

Conventional RGB filters

Conventional RGB filters

Conventional RGB filters are standard in consumer image sensors. These solutions provide limited spectral resolution (e.g. 100 nm), and focus on the visible range of the spectrum.

Typical RGB specifications
Spectral range: 400-700 nm
Number of filters: 3

Multispectral image composition

Spectricity filter technology

Spectricity filter technology

Spectricity leverages a patented technology to integrate spectral filters at pixel level on image sensors. This provides a much higher spectral resolution (e.g. 5-30 nm), while retaining the advantages of high-volume CMOS manufacturing processes.

Typical Spectricity specifications
Spectral range: 350-1000 nm
Number of filters: up to >100


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