Improving life through sensing beyond what’s visible, anywhere, anytime for everyone.

We aim to improve life – for people, of course, but also way beyond. We strive for a healthier, more beautiful and more resourceful life. A life where beauty meets convenience. A life where the best memories are captured and cherished.

We want to see beyond what the naked eye can see. Spectral information is so much more than what we sense as humans in the visible range. Through scientific measurements we expose the properties of objects, providing you with valuable information you can act upon. We know wavelengths are more than just red-green-blue. And that is exactly what we want to unveil.

We want everyone to have access to these newly enabled mobile and/or wearable applications. Anytime, anywhere. They must be easy to use and affordable, particularly in large volumes. We tap into a wide range of high-volume consumer markets and strive to take our solutions out of the lab and into the uncontrolled environment that is everyday life.


We enable massive adoption of spectral imaging through effortless integration of our miniaturised sensing solutions.

We work hard to meet our customers’ needs in a creative way. But there’s more… We partner up with customers and suppliers to promote the mass adoption of spectral imaging solutions. In doing so, our focus is not merely on spectral sensing, but on the full wealth of imaging. And that is what makes us so unique. Accessibility and affordability also take centre stage in our approach. We aim for high volumes at an affordable price.

Our miniaturized sensing solutions are truly disruptive innovations which can be effortlessly integrated into countless applications and devices. We commit to a seamless device integration for our customers: we take care of everything, from A to Z – this means not only the chip but also the lens, the software, the algorithms and everything in between. Our all-in packages result in tried-and-tested, affordable, complete solutions. Low-risk and low-cost!

Our values

Customer satisfaction

We measure how well our products or services meet our customers’ expectations. Customer satisfaction is one of the key indicators of purchase intentions and customer loyalty, which helps us predict business growth and revenue.

Excellence in execution

Having the greatest ideas in the world is one thing, executing them to perfection is another. Our aim is to excel in both.


Focus is the gateway to targeted thought processes, from perception to memory, learning, reasoning, problem-solving and decision-making. We focus on the right things, without distractions, resulting in efficient, high-quality work.


We value our team members and give them the information and tools they need to achieve results. In return, we expect integrity and commitment. That, in a nutshell, is what empowerment is all about.


We are one company, one team. We accept our individual and team responsibilities and we meet our commitments. What’s more, we take responsibility for our performance in all of our decisions and actions.