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Meet us at MWC 2023 in Barcelona

Meet us at MWC 2023 in Barcelona. Book a meeting at mwc-2023 @ spectricity.com.

World premiere at CES: Spectricity spectral camera brings true colors to smartphone photos

S1 spectral image sensor sets new quality standard in smartphone photography, enables new use cases in e-commerce, cosmetics, authentication...

Las Vegas, 05-January-2023 - At CES 2023, Spectricity introduces the S1, the first miniature, mobile device-ready multispectral image sensor. The first smartphones using the sensor are expected by 2024. Within two years, this technology is expected to be in all smartphones.

The S1 spectral image sensor solves color fidelity issues of smartphone cameras, and can measure true color through the spectral signature of an object.

The S1 is a technology breakthrough: it’s the first truly miniaturized, mass-manufacturable mobile spectral image sensor. At the same time, it captures the full visible and near-infrared range at video rates, required for mobile applications. It’s well suited as a companion sensor to the main cameras in a smartphone.

Jonathan Borremans, CTO Spectricity: "The S1 marks a phenomenal advance over any multispectral imager on the market. No one to date has managed to fit these specs into a miniature chip. The S1 can be integrated into any mobile device."

Currently, Spectricity is sampling the S1 to several smartphone manufacturers to be included in upcoming models.

Vincent Mouret, CEO: "’We are excited to announce this breakthrough; the first ever affordable mobile spectral imager. The release is a key milestone for Spectricity in its ambition to serve smartphone markets, and to pursue our mission to enable mass adoption of spectral sensing in mobile devices. We expect the first smartphone models with the S1 to be released in 2024, and we expect all smartphones to include our technology within the coming years."

"RGB": how spectral imaging brings true colors to smartphones

Spectral imaging will fix poor camera color fidelity of smartphones and consumer devices, a root cause for inaccurate photo colors but also poorly rendered skin colors. This will make camera technology more reliable and more inclusive.

Despite all advances in image sensor and camera technology, smartphones still cannot capture true color. Limited by 3 color channels ("RGB" or red, green, blue), the automatic white balancing (AWB) algorithms often struggle to accurately resolve the white point of a scene correctly. Consequently, they can fail to get the colors right.

Jonathan Borremans, CTO: “Essentially, even your high-end smartphone camera is color blind. The S1 uses richer spectral signature data, resulting in much higher color fidelity in your pictures. We're confident that spectral imaging will become an essential component in all devices that include a camera."

The smartphone camera of the future: The S1 will drive innovation in consumer devices

The S1 will have a significant commercial impact in the consumer devices industry:

  • Research shows that photography and camera capability are major drivers for smartphone upgrades
  • Personalized cosmetics are already a 40 billion dollar market. Spectral imaging will drive a transition from retail to home, and expert advice from your mobile device, adoption and customer satisfaction in this category.
  • Medical applications and use cases will be unlocked with spectral imaging
  • E-commerce: better color rendering will support online commerce
  • New applications and use cases become possible for authentication (face ID) and even smart gardening

About Spectricity

Spectricity was incorporated in 2018 and is backed by international VCs to bring spectral imaging to mobile devices. With 35 employees, Spectricity has offices in Belgium, the USA, Taipei and Malaysia.

The S1 is currently under evaluation by major smartphone makers. As of January 2023, EVKs are available for device manufacturers driving large volumes.

Meet us at CES 2023

Meet us at CES 2023 where we will unveil a world premiere in smartphone photography. Book a demo and stay tuned how we will cure color blindness in smartphone cameras.

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