We are excited to be part of MWC Barcelona, 2024, where we will be showcasing our cutting-edge multispectral imaging technology. Join us at the Belgian Pavilion (Hall 7, Stand 7G51) for a live demo of our S1 multispectral camera and discover firsthand the potential this technology has for applications even beyond the realm of mobile devices.

What is the S1?

After 15 years of research, Spectricity developed the revolutionary S1, a miniaturized multispectral camera module. Diverging from traditional cameras with 3-channel RGB filters, the S1 utilizes 16 filters per pixel. This allows capturing details across spectrum wavelengths imperceptible to the human eye. Enhanced automatic white balancing (AWB) capabilities further empower the S1, enabling it to record spectral signatures with unparalleled accuracy. The outcome is a series of breathtaking, true-to-life color images consistently achieved across various light sources.

Why it matters?

Spectral imaging’s roots trace to Newton’s 19th Century experiments with prisms for light dispersal, followed by the development of filters to capture different wavelengths of light for color photography. In the mid-20th century, spectral imaging applied to aerospace, remote sensing, and medical diagnostics. Despite advancements, broader spectral imaging adoption faced challenges, such as bulky size, reliance on specialized equipment, and high costs. They were simply impractical for integration into the broad realm of consumer devices or applications where portability and cost-effectiveness are crucial.

Spectricity’s S1 addresses these challenges, leveraging a miniature form factor, high-speed, and flexible CMOS technology. Low power consumption and high-efficiency output enhance efficiency for a wide array of applications. This ensures S1 integration is not only cost-efficient but also well-suited for high-volume mass production. With the flexibility that CMOS provides, Spectricity can tailor design to integrate seamlessly with devices across a myriad of applications.

Want to witness it yourself?

Live demonstrations of our technology and S1 camera will be featured at the Belgian Pavilion of MWC 2024 from 26 to 29 February (Hall 7, Stand 7G51). Please join us to experience this remarkable camera first-hand.

Don’t miss our exclusive workshop on 28 February, where experts, including Axel Clouet from Yole, Pierre-Yves Maitre from DXOMARK, Troels Marstrand from Revea, Jonathan Borremans from Spectricity and others will provide insights into the intricacies of multispectral imaging, its applications, and the future it holds for various industries. It is an opportunity to understand how the technology and our S1 can revolutionize your specific field. Seats are limited, so, register early to secure your attendance: register here. To schedule a meeting with us at MWC, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Stay connected!

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See you in Barcelona!