Both companies agree on the development of a native reference design for use with premium Snapdragon® mobile platforms.

Barcelona, Spain, February 26, 2024 — Spectricity announces a collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. for Spectricity to develop native reference design support for use with premium Snapdragon® mobile platforms and Spectricity’s spectral image sensor products.

The collaboration will allow for a faster, more efficient implementation for OEMs to integrate spectral imaging in their mobile devices. This in turn can bring significant improvements for camera AWB (automatic white balancing) performance, resulting in more accurate and more pleasing photography, including portraits with accurate skin tone. New applications including e-commerce cosmetics, color picking, as well as skin health analysis are also enabled.

“Qualcomm Technologies is committed to delivering revolutionary image capabilities in our premium mobile platforms to consumers”, said Judd Heape, VP of Product Management at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “By collaborating with Spectricity, we can enable these cutting-edge technologies to offer advanced spectral image sensor integrations for extraordinary camera experiences.”

Glenn Vandevoorde, CEO of Spectricity: “We are committed to bringing spectral imaging to smartphones. Our collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies., is a critical step in enabling OEMs to build better cameras for their mobile products, and new, differentiated applications that will improve our daily life, including health. We’re excited to enable this for use on the world’s most popular mobile SoC platform.”

About spectral imaging

Spectricity’s unique and patented CMOS multispectral imaging technology extends the paradigm of RGB 3-color filters to 16 or more filters. It allows the measurement of spectral signatures of light for each pixel, to extract properties about the light source or objects in the scene. This in turn enables better white point measurement, or extraction of skin biomarkers such as blood volume of melanin.

Spectricity’s S1 is the world’s first truly-miniature spectral camera module for mobile devices, leveraging Spectricity’s CMOS high-volume supply chain, as well as its spectral imaging software IP. The technology and the products powered by it are the fruit of more than 15 years of research and development.


An evaluation and software development kit featuring compatibility with Spectricity’s S1 spectral image sensor is expected to be available from Spectricity this year.

Snapdragon is a trademark or registered trademark of Qualcomm Incorporated. Snapdragon is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.

About Spectricity

Spectricity, a Belgium-based fabless company founded in 2018, stands at the forefront of spectral sensing solutions crafted with advanced CMOS technologies. Fueled by venture capital and an exclusively-licensed patent portfolio from imec, a global leader in nano-electronics and digital technologies, Spectricity pioneers innovations designed for high-volume production and integration into consumer and mobile devices.

With a commitment to sensing beyond the visible, Spectricity’s vision is to enhance life through unparalleled spectral information, anytime, anywhere. Its mission revolves around enabling the widespread adoption of spectral imaging by seamlessly integrating miniaturized sensing solutions. Spectricity’s disruptive innovations, protected by a comprehensive collection of patents, strive for accessibility and affordability, opening doors to new possibilities in various consumer markets.