Spectral sensing –
from lab to consumer

We bring disruptive spectral sensing technology to mobile and other consumer devices, enabling advanced user interfacing, big data analysis, image fusion, and new applications.

Spectral imaging

Spectricity’s technology is ideal for mobile devices such as smartphones or AR headsets. The miniaturized imaging solutions are fully compatible with the size, power consumption and cost requirements of mobile devices. These sensors can act as companion sensors, cooperating and fusing data with other sensors in the devices (such as other image sensors or 3D depth sensors) to provide augmented data. This enables more robust applications, enhancing the user experience. Thanks to the accurate measurement of colour using the spectrum of light, applicationsĀ  that would be impossible with standard RGB cameras become possible, from truer colors in color photography, to accurate detection of materials.

Our sensors are also ideal for other applications demanding high-volume, miniaturized spectral imaging solutions, such as the automotive, IoT or security camera markets.

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Accurate color photography

Image the exact color of objects in uncontrolled environments. Accurate color matching for graphical and e-commerce use cases. Automatic and spatial white balancing. Richer color photography.

Female Doctor Examining Pigmented Skin Of Male Patient

Skin health

Accurately detect skin health conditions, such as eczema, melanoma, skin dryness and UV damage, and offer treatment advice and remote follow-up.


Augmented reality

Improved AR experience. Better, more accurate relighting of real & virtual objects in the scene. Better detection of objects in the scene such as organic and inorganic materials.


Smart gardening

Measure the health of plants: detect water & fertiliser needs, detect diseases & provide advice.

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Accurately detect objects and materials and detect their authenticity. Build face ID solutions with superior anti-spoofing properties.



Use selfies to get accurate cosmetic advice for foundation & hair coloring.


Food analysis

Detect food freshness, fruit ripeness & nutritional value.


Security and automotive

Detect and discriminate between similar objects. Achieve improved night vision through the additional of NIR channels. More robust computer vision scene detection through specific spectral signatures.

Spectral sensing

Our miniaturised spectrometer technology makes applications in mass-market devices such as wearables and smartphones possible. Similarly, the technology is well-suited for large-scale miniaturized spectroscopy such as IoT devices or even ingestible spectrometers!

When integrated in a wearable, medically-accurate measurement of biomarkers of the skin is possible. Using spectroscopic modelling and analysis of the light interacting with skin, accurate SpO2 or H2O parameters can be estimated and much more. This can be used for actionable tracking and early detection of respiratory diseases such as Covid-19, COPD, RSV, and asthma, or for hydration measurement purposes. The spectroscopic analysis allows for much more robust skin biomarker modelling, for increased robustness to confounding factors such as skin tone, motion and skin type.

High spectral resolution in a completely miniaturized form makes other spectroscopic use cases possible too. Contact us for more information about how our sensors can help your application.

technology, health care and people concept - close up of woman hands checking pulse by smartwatch with heart icon on screen

Wearable health

Detect skin biomarkers such as SpO2 and H2O with medical accuracy in the presence of confounding factors.


Smartphone spectroscopy

All imaging applications outlined above can be made available in mobile devices, as well as more accurate analysis of materials thanks to a more accurate spectral measurement.

Hand of scientist holding modern smart remote to control growth plant with local lights, focus is on plants

IoT devices

Equip connected IoT devices, such as smart gardening devices, with high-resolution spectrometers for environmental sensing.

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